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B02 long armrest.jpg

B05 armrest adjustable in height.jpg

B66 gutted rotating armrest.jpg

Stabilo sideview with arm.jpg


BA6 shortened footrest.jpg

BN6 shortened footrest.jpg

BK6 footrest in one piece.jpg

B07 B08 adjustable footrest.jpg

BZ10 legrest with side corners.jpg

BK7 BL7 AMP legrest.jpg

B19 foot straps.jpg


B21 wide calf support XL.jpg

B12 wooden table.jpg

B15 - black table.jpg

B20 safety belt.jpg

PL - U76Neo1.jpg

PL - U75Neo3.jpg

NEO U01 with person.jpg

B22 spreader.jpg

NEO U73 - vest with zipper.jpg

NEO U74 - vest without zipper.jpg

neo U79 harness.jpg

NEO U78 sholder belts.jpg

NEO U78 sholder belts - cross.jpg

NEO U80 wide chest belt.jpg


L58 - headrest.jpg

L04 side supports.jpg

L44 Tension adjustable backrest - V300.jpg

L14 anatomic back - soft.jpg

L34 - Preshaped back.jpg


liberty PT AirFlow cover.jpg

PL - Academy Adjuster.jpg

L35 - Preshaped seat.jpg


B31 crutch holder.jpg

B85 Spoke protector.jpg

wheel 200x35.jpg


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